Schedule – ClaimsTech – Insurance Business Tech Fest

Schedule – ClaimsTech


13th May 2021, The Fullerton Hotel Sydney

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Tetiana George

Strategy & Operations, Head of Claims, Blue Zebra Insurance

9:10 am

2022 and beyond: Future trends in claims automation

Insurance companies are continuously investing in claimstech to deliver an efficient and outstanding claims experience. This session will discuss the latest developments indevelopi automation to support frontline staff.

  • Identifying digital transformation priorities to support claims handling
  • Implementing programs to automate processes for future crises
  • Leveraging data to support decision-making
Tim Johnson

Head of Automation, Suncorp Group

9:40 am

Case study: Using technology to enable remote service delivery 

The sudden shift to remote work settings has impacted how we deliver claims processing and lead our people. What tools and programs can we use to support our leaders and their teams to enable superior service delivery?  

  • Tools, programs and leadership styles for a distributed workforce to continuously deliver excellent customer service 
  • Overcoming challenges in delivering customer service 
  • How remote claims processing can improve efficiency  
  • Collaborating with employees and customers to improve remote service delivery 
Geniere Aplin

Group Executive, Personal Injury | Chair, EmLife

10:10 am

Morning tea and refreshment break

10:40 am

PANEL: Strategies to advance and improve claims management

The claims process is fundamental to the success and sustainability of an insurance company. How can insurance companies re-examine process workflows to streamline and optimise processes to deliver an efficient and outstanding claims experience?

  • Improving complex claims management to increase efficiency and minimise conflict
  • Revisiting policy terms and detailing to minimise ambiguity
  • Identifying opportunities for technology investment to support workflows
  • Understanding the changing expectations of the customer
  • Leveraging data to predict customer needs and minimise risks


Tetiana George

Strategy & Operations, Head of Claims, Blue Zebra Insurance


Aamer Fattah

Senior Product Manager, Noble Oak

Sheriff Hamza

Head of Retail Claims, Zurich Financial Services Australia

Linda Zeelie

Head of Enterprise Digital Transformation,

Nigel Cade

Managing Director, The Insurance Claims Service Centre

11:30 am

Case study: Improving claims processing efficiency and the user experience

There’s been a significant shift in customer expectations throughout the insurance lifecycle. How can insurers provide an efficient and seamless claims process for the modern consumer?

  • Identifying which processes to update to enhance the user experience
  • Collecting and analysing data to understand customer trends
  • Designing a seamless user experience for mobile apps
Mark Cohen

Divisional CEO, Wilbur

12:00 pm

Networking lunch

1:00 pm

Embedded home insurance and property data for claims

With the rise of mobile technology, improved data analysis, and increased weather-related property claims, property and casualty insurers are approaching coverage differently using embedded insurance.  

  • Increasing product offerings for the customer
  • Creating a streamlined purchasing experience with embedded insurance
  • Enhancing relationships with customers, mortgage companies, and realtors 
Naby Mariyam

Chief Executive Officer, Coverhero

1:40 pm

PANEL: Identifying risks with claims automation

Claims automation can significantly alleviate administrative tasks however there is a growing concern over the potential risks involved. What are the risks associated with using automation and how can we develop frameworks to mitigate these risks?

  • How do you address the reliability of third-party data?
  • How do you justify the costs of implementation and determine ROI?
  • Maintaining the human aspect and benefits of a human assessor in claims


Drew Schnehage

Managing Director, Innovation Group


Dr. Tony Carter

Chief Underwriting Officer, SLE Worldwide

Lindsay Stark

Director, Underwriting and Claims Automation, Pacific Life Re

Nigel Cade

Managing Director, The Insurance Claims Service Centre

2:40 pm

Afternoon tea and refreshment break

3:10 pm

Case study: Leveraging data to drive transformation

Insurers are increasingly turning to data to gain insights on customer behaviour. How can data help insurers make informed decisions and increase efficiency?

  • Using data mining techniques to score, prioritise, and assign claims to adjusters
  • Identifying potential risk or fraud during assessment
  • Improving the settlement opportunities for long term claims through claims analysis and customer history
  • Leveraging predictive analytics and developing preventative strategies

Tessa Barnett

Principal, Sustain Consulting / Senior Consultant, Finity

3:50 pm

Digital twins and quantum computing: Emerging trends and potential ClaimsTech opportunities

This session will provide an introduction to key emerging Deep Tech trends in digital twins and quantum computing, including an update on recent developments and emerging applications. Aamer will also cover potential use cases for digital twins and quantum computing in the claims cycle.

  • What are digital twins and how are they currently used?
  • Identifying the latest trends in quantum computing
  • Understanding the potential benefits of digital twins and quantum computing in insurance
  • What’s next – related trends and opportunities in ClaimsTech

Aamer Fattah

Senior Product Manager, Noble Oak

4:30 pm

Event concludes

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