Schedule – InsurTech – Insurance Business Tech Fest

Schedule – InsurTech


8:15 am

Registration opens

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Ron Arnold

Managing Director and Founder, 11eight innovation

9:10 am

Welcome from the Event Partner

Andy Parton

Partner – Financial Services Technology Consulting, EY Australia

9:15 am

PANEL: Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA)

AI and RPA can help insurance businesses to streamline human-driven processes, analyse documents, and structure data. This panel will share winning strategies for successfully integrating AI and RPA to improve the insurance lifecycle.

  • Identifying administrative tasks to prioritise during integration
  • Common challenges to AI and RPA implementation
  • Recognising and developing data sources for AI systems
  • Utilising machine learning for data-driven insights
  • Using AI and RPA to improve risk selection and assessment
  • How to use AI to prepare for future crises


Ron Arnold

Managing Director and Founder, 11eight innovation


Amar Roomi

Chief Technology Officer, Blue Zebra Insurance

Ash Nair

Chief Data, Analytics and Optimisation Officer, QBE

Ben Webster

Co-Founder, Agile Underwriting Services

10:15 am

Insurance transformation realised

Insurance transformations have typically been long programmes centred around the implementation of a core monolithic system. As insurtech brings new and innovative solutions to niche problems, the previous approach to transformation has become increasingly outdated. This session will discuss: 

  • How can we turn your insurance transformation ambitions to reality
  • Leveraging EY’s cloud-native platform ‘Nexus for Insurance’ to transform insurers’ ideas into operational realities
  • Explore how a curated ecosystem of advanced applications and software from leading InsurTechs and other providers can help insurers create their own platforms
  • Case study: demonstrating how EY Nexus was leveraged at Nationwide Insurance to rapidly set up and scale a new company in 7 months
Adrian Fennell

Senior Manager – Financial Services Consulting, EY Australia

David McNamara

Associate Partner - Financial Services Consulting, EY Australia

10:45 am

Morning tea and refreshment break

11:15 am

Embedding data into the organisation’s DNA

With the need for a coherent data strategy to stay competitive, how do you achieve this when your organisation is made up of over 30 ‘mini-organisations’ and all with differing needs and legacy landscapes?

  • Identifying what we can do as a ‘community of IT professionals’ to overcome the above challenges
  • Our implementation approach to this problem
  • Some of the use cases we have solved to date and current projects in the pipeline
  • Understanding the lessons we’ve learnt
Russell Hodey

Regional Head of Delivery APAC, Chubb

11:55 am

PANEL: Building a future-ready workforce to support transformation

One of the key components of a successful digital transformation is the people driving the change. What critical skills and capabilities do insurance professionals need to be able to facilitate and adopt digital transformation?

  • Identifying business objectives to determine the required skillsets
  • How to promote a cultural shift to adopt insurtech
  • Attracting and retaining digital talent
  • Improving the employee experience for a hybrid workforce
  • Supporting employees with tools to deliver an efficient and reliable customer experience
  • Continuous skill development through learning and development programs
  • Developing KPIs to measure progress in building a digital workforce


Ron Arnold

Managing Director and Founder, 11eight innovation


Simone Dossetor

Chief Operating Officer, Munich RE

Inge Cootjans

Director Firemark Labs ANZ, IAG

Brian Siemsen

Global CEO, Claim Central Consolidated

12:55 pm
1:55 pm

Delivering operational excellence with machine learning (ML) and AI at TAL Australia

Machine learning technologies have the potential to transform industry processes yet applying them in practice is complex. This session will discuss: 

  • Practical examples of how to apply ML and AI within life insurance 
  • Improving underwriting processes using AI and ML
  • Successes and challenges from the deployment of the WunderWriter tool
  • Key principles for practical success
Dan Taylor

General Manager – Member Engagement and Innovation, TAL Australia

2:35 pm

Case study: Leveraging technology to increase customer engagement

Consumer habits and expectations continue to experience a significant shift. How can insurance companies cater to an increasingly diverse and digitally-savvy customer?

  • What is customer experience, customer service, and customer centricity?
  • Identifying the connections between customer experience and employee experience
  • Understanding how multigenerational customer profiles use technology
  • Comparing the customer experience between corporations and direct consumers
  • Technology advancements in insurance claims versus policies (e.g. Saas, Blockchain solutions)
Lokesh Thondavada

Former Head of Client Engagement, AIG

3:20 pm

Case study: Mitigating cybersecurity risks

Cyber attacks are increasingly on the rise and can lead to costly consequences without a solid defense system. In this session, Grae will share steps to strengthen cyber security defense and minimise cyber risk exposure.

  • Updating risk management strategies to prevent cyber attacks
  • Identifying which parts of the network are most vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • Creating an informed and resilient culture of cyber risk management in the workplace
Grae Meyer-Gleaves

Chief Information Security Officer, Hollard Insurance

4:00 pm
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