Ben Webster

Co-Founder, Agile Underwriting Services and Founder Inspired By Us,

Ben is an Insurtech veteran and has been developing insurance platforms for over ten years for Agile Underwriting Services and Insured by Us. He enters insurance from the customers perspective and puts them at the heart of every interaction.

Ben specialises in taking complicated products and making them simple. With a background in customer experience, he has been working in the digital economy since the boom. 

With over a decade of experience managing teams and starting businesses, Ben wanted to find a different way to work. The impetus for this was the birth of his first child, wanting to be present and be a truly equal parent. This lead to a structure of work that continues to evolve around a remote first model. The teams at each three companies all work a four-day week and time is not tracked. Delivery and productivity are honed through an agile/scrum approach with fortnightly sprints, retros and planning sessions. This allows the teams to work asynchronously and from any location. The companies now have employees in over 10 locations around the globe and recently one team member moved to Broome without a hit to productivity.