Nigel Cade

Managing Director, The Insurance Claims Service Centre

Nigel Cade is the Managing Director of ACDC Assessing Pty Ltd. 

Nigel has a Bachelor of Economics from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Laws from Monash. 

Nigel is a member of ANAFI, and an Associate of the Certified Fraud Examiners. 

Nigel is a member of ANZIIF (Senior Associate), and has completed the ANZIIF Diploma of Loss Adjusting. 

Nigel is an Insurance Claims Specialist, who manages Claims Preparation. Risk Reviews & Assessments. Building Inspections.Plant & Machinery Assessments. I.T. Robotics, Automation & Control Systems Assessments. Disaster RecoverySpecialist. I.T. Data Recovery Specialist. Cyber Risk & Ransom Wear Specialist, and Digital Assets Specialist. 

Nigel spent half of his career in the I.T. Industry, with senior roles in IBM, HSBC, Woolworths and consulting to the Federal Government on various projects, before entering the Insurance world with IAG. 

On leaving IAG 22 years ago, Nigel started his own company providing specialised consulting in Risk, Assessing, and Loss Adjusting of specialised automation systems, robotics, IT systems, Plant & Machinery, and other electro-mechanical assets.  

Nigel has worked on numerous industry Standards Committees including EAN Australia, for the standardisation of Barcodes and scanningas well as the Advertising Institute for the standardisation of Metadata used in Digital Imaging and Photography. 

Nigel is currently working on projects with MIT, Harvard, and Flinders University, based around AI, ML, DL, NLP, and automation of the claims processing and underwriting roles. 

Nigel is currently half-way through a Masters in Fintech at the University of New South Wales, and is working closely with a number of Australian Fintechs and Insuretechs that are in a “start-up “ phase.